Don’t wash your jeans in the washing-machine. Just put them in the freezer!

We know, this is sounds extremely odd. However, this might be the best way to keep your jeans clean without damaging them in the process. You see, jeans are actually made for daily wear, without having to wash them.

Now, we understand that not washing your jeans might seem disgusting and not something you’re dying to try but putting them in the freezer actually cleans your jeans better.

The thought behind this is that the cold kills all the germs in your jeans. The only other way to do this is to wash your jeans at a higher temperature and denim just doesn’t last long when you do this too often.

If you want to try this you can place your jeans in a pillowcase or plastic bag and leave them overnight in the freezer. In the morning your jeans will end up being clean and fresh!