Is your favorite t-shirt fading? Turn it into a bag within 3 minutes!

I think we can speak for everyone when we say that every person has their own favorite t-shirt. Unfortunately, after a while this tee might become old or we don’t fit into it anymore. Or even worse – the print on your shirt has started to fade. Whatever the problem is, we found the perfect solution so you don’t have to throw it away just yet. With this simple trick you can up-cycle your clothes and turn it into a glamorous tote-bag!

Did you read that right? Yes, a tote bag. This might sound a bit odd but now you can bring your favorite t-shirt along with you everywhere you go.

This is what you need to do:

Step 1 

Turn your t-shirt inside out, fold it in half and cut off the collar.

Step 2 

Afterwards, cut off both sleeves just like demonstrated in the picture above.

Step 3 

Also, don’t forget to cut off the bottom part of your t-shirt. Please be aware that you shouldn’t throw this part out because you’ll need it in the next step!

Step 4 

Use the piece of fabric you just cut off to tie a knot in the bottom of your  t-shirt. Make sure to pull it tight.

Stap 5 

Fold your t-shirt back to how it was before and BOEM! You’ve just made yourself a new tote-bag!