Did you clothes shrink in the wash? This is the way to get them back to their old state!

It has probably happened to all of us at one point – we buy a cute new sweater or any other piece of clothing, we throw it in the washer for the first time without reading the instructions and that’s when it happens. You take it out and it shrunk… what now?!

It might seem a lost cause and you might even find yourself standing above the trash can with your new bought sweater, “Should I throw it out?” you think to yourself. The answer to that question is – NO, don’t even think about it! Or at least not until you try the following hack.

Just watch the video below on how you can easily get your new favorite sweater to “Un-shrink” by using baby shampoo. Keep in mind that this little trick won’t work on wool. To un-shrink wool you can actually use hair conditioner.

It’s worth a shot, right?!