Don’t have enough closet space? This IKEA-hack is the answer to all your problems!

Everyone probably dreams of a walk-in closet. Unfortunately, most of us can only dream of owning one and end up having a closet with half the amount of space.

Most women know the difficulty of not having enough space to store all of their shoes (or maybe it’s just us). If this problem sounds familiar? You might want to continue reading.

We found the perfect solution to this problem that we want to share with you. It’s super simple but most of us haven’t probably thought of it yet..

You can turn the famous IKEA BILLY bookcase into a closet for all your shoes!

By doing so, your storage problems go away and you get to show off your shoe collection at the same time. Brilliant huh?! You can even place the Billy shelves in a corner so you have even more space.

In the video below you can see what this will look like. On top of that, the lady in the video also uses the VARIERA kitchen shelves to make everything even more accessible. Just watch and see! Do you think you’ll try this?