This is the easiest way to repair the small holes in your clothing! No needle and thread necessary.

It’s like unwanted magic.. they just randomly appear – the small holes in your t-shirts. We’re not really sure how they get there. Maybe your shirt got stuck behind something or maybe it was a moth? Or is the material just getting old. No matter the reason, it’s pretty annoying and also difficult to hide.

You could try to sew it back together by using a needle and threat however, mostly these holes are quite small so they’re very difficult to reach. Those who aren’t highly skilled with a needle and threat, this trick perfect for you!

You’ll be needing the following:

– Iron
– Ironing-board
– Vliesofix
– Parchment paper
– Non-terry cloth
– Spray bottle filled with water

Watch the video below to discover all steps you need to follow.

Please keep in mind that this hack will only work on small holes and not bigger ones. If you want to fix those, you’ll probably need to use a needle and thread. Discover the video below and find out what you need to do to get rid of these holes in your shirt once and for all!